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All the News and Updates You Need to Be a Recycling Expert

Village Recycling:


  • Second Saturday each month (Recycling containers do arrive earlier. If you use them outside of Saturday hours please close the containers.)

  • 8 am - 2 pm

  • 213 South St W (Two blocks west by old county building.)

What To Recycle:

  • GLASS bottles & jars

  • ALUMINUM, tin & steel cans and lids

  • PLASTICS #1-2 bottles, jugs, jars & food tubs (put plastic caps back on)

  • PAPER, flattened cardboard, newspaper & magazines


  • NO Plastic Bags/Film (gather separately and bring to your local grocery store, Target or Walmart)

  • NO Used Paper Products (can be composted)

Please visit the St. Croix County’s recycling website for:

  • What to Recycle and how to Recycle Right:


  • Collection Events for Tire, Appliance, Electronics and Hazardous Waste


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